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Bug reporting tool for SaaS

Find and fix bugs in seconds

Make it easy for users to report issues. Get detailed bug reports. Find hidden bugs. Integrate with your help desk.

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Did you know that...

Every week your team spends at least a day battling bugs – can you believe it?
That's 8+ hours spent on collecting bug details, figuring out what happened, writing tickets, understanding the cause, setting priorities, reproducing issues, and fixing errors.

A new way to think about bugs

Bugpilot uncovers hidden issues, gathers all relevant information, and generates standardized bug reports.

Make it easy for users to report bugs

Add Bugpilot's reporting widget to your web application or integrate it with your chatbot.

  • Capture your users' screen

  • Receive annotated screenshots and video recordings

  • Automatically get tech details from non-technical users

Replaces: bug reporting forms, hours of customer support calls

Get bug reports with tech details

Bugpilot automatically collects screen recordings, frontend errors, failed network requests, and transforms them into bug reports.

  • No more missing bug details

  • Integration with your helpdesk

  • Client-side issues recording

Replaces: Loom, Google Meet, Zoom

Replay any issue

What did your user experience before, and after they faced a problem? Re-watch sessions, and find the root cause.

  • Watch problematic sessions

  • Reproduce issues with ease

  • Detect hidden bugs

Replaces: Screen recording tools

Does this sound familiar?

«Could you tell me what happened
«Hmmm, I'm not sure if I got everything»
«Could you send me a screenshot
«Are you available for a quick call
«I can't seem to reproduce it»
«Could you ask the customer for the logs

Less back-and-forth,
more work done

Hours aren't equal. Uninterrupted 60-minute sessions are far more valuable than a scattered hour here and there. Trade in the chaos of constant interruptions for focused work sessions.

Keep track of all bugs

Use Bugpilot's built-in bug tracker to keep track of all the issues, assign status, comment, and fix bugs at the speed of light.

  • No more manual ticket creation

  • Assign issues and discuss with your team

  • Keep users in the loop with one click

Replaces: Trello, Jira Software, Notion Boards

Integrate with your tools

Missing details, tab switching, and manual ticket creation are things of the past. Bring all your tools together to fix bugs 2x faster.

  • Assisted troubleshooting for each conversation

  • See session recordings in your help desk

  • All details in one place

  • Receive Bugpilot reports in Slack, Jira, Notion, and 100+ other apps

  • Automate your bug-reporting flow

What customers say

See how we've made a difference

The power of tiny gains

Improve by 1% each day, and by the time you're done, you'll have built a product that's 37 times better!


Juggling manual bug detail collection, confusing reports, multiple tools, and endless back-and-forth troubleshooting.
  • Asking users for screenshots & steps to reproduce.

  • Writing bug tickets. Manually!

  • Dealing with confusing bug reports.

  • Missing bug details.

  • Struggling to understand what happened.

  • Failing to reproduce bugs.

  • Experiencing back-and-forth with colleagues and users.

  • Prioritizing issues by hand, inaccurately.

  • Paying for several tools.

  • Jumping on calls to troubleshoot

  • Reporting bugs by texting colleagues.


Replace manual, with automated. Confusion with clarity. Interruptions with focus. Multiple tools with one.

  • Receive standardized, complete bug reports.

  • Discover hidden bugs before your users do.

  • Make it easy for your users to report bugs.

  • Replay users' past actions and reproduce any issue.

  • Benefit from AI-assisted debugging.

  • Have the root cause highlighted.

  • Track each bug.

  • Chat and fix bugs as a team.

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costs less than ⏱️ 30 min of your dev's time

Fix bugs 2x faster

Free 14-day trial. Cancel anytime.

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