For modern SaaS Teams

Fix bugs without asking questions

Bugpilot automatically collects screenshots, screen recordings, steps to reproduce, user info, and console logs, so you don't have to ask.
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Bugpilot works with:
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Automate the collection of screenshots, steps to reproduce, user info, browser logs, and more. Skip the back-and-forth and start resolving issues right away.
Fix bugs at the speed of light

Built for modern SaaS Teams

Bugpilot automates the most boring parts of your job saving you hours of conversation per week
Customer Support
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Close support conversations 2x faster

Bugpilot gets all the information Customer Support needs to understand what happened on the user’s screen, without leaving their helpdesk.

Bugpilot replaces the usual 5-10 questions with an automated report that includes all the details your team needs.

  • understand users in seconds
  • get all the details without waiting for users to reply
  • more efficient support with less syncronous meetings
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Understand production bugs in seconds

Bugpilot automatically collects lots of technical info, including console logs, network requests, and application state, so your engineering team can start fixing issues right away.

Bugpilot integrates with 100+ tools your team already uses, so you get the information exactly where you want it.

  • standard bug report format based on best practices
  • skip the back-and-forth to collect missing details
  • start fixing bugs immediately
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Not another tool

Bugpilot fits in your existing workflow:

  • One-click integration with your helpdesk software
  • Receive reports directly in your project management tool
  • Get additional technical info via Sentry

Thanks to our integrations and thousands of Zapier apps, sync Bugpilot with almost any software. Notion, Trello, Jira, Slack, are just one click away.

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Fix bugs without asking questions. All the info you need comes in a well-prepared
technical report that you can share in one click with your team.
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Privacy & Security

Your data stays in the EU
Bugpilot is GDPR compliant, all data is encrypted and stored in ISO 27001 and SOC-2 Certified data centers in the European Union.
Privacy by design
With advanced controls such as numeric input masking and custom data blurring, you are in control of which data is recorded.
Data Portability
Forget lock-in; you can access all your bug reports via our HTTP API, and export all your data in JSON format.
EU Data Centers
At-rest and in-transit encryption
You control what's recorded