Get detailed bug reports without asking questions

Bugpilot automatically collects screen recordings, frontend errors, failed network requests, rage clicks and transforms them into bugs report for the whole team. All integrated with your help desk.

Works with 100+ tools you already use

Session replay & technical bits for the whole team

Receive detailed bug reports directly in your help desk, for easy understanding and troubleshooting. Escalate when need, in just one click.

  • Reliable screen recording
  • Steps to reproduce and user information
  • Console logs, network request, storage
Collecting bug details is a nightmare and it's costing you $660/mo+

* Calculated considering two developers at an avg. hourly rate ($33, PayScale 2022)
spending 2 hours per week understanding bug reports.

Screen recording without software

Capture your users' screen, empower them highlighting problems in your app and adding notes about what went wrong. There's no extra software to install, and it perfectly integrates with your product:

  • Integrate with your help desk with custom Bots and Actions
  • Add a 1-Click bug reporting widget to your pages
  • Customer support can start a screen recording

Replaces: Loom, Google Meet, Zoom

Uncover hidden bugs

When is the last time you, as user, reported a bug? If you answered "never" you're not alone - 96% of users don't report bugs, and who can blame them?

Bugpilot notifies your team of problematic user sessions, pinpointing potential UX problems.

Replaces: Hotjar, Sentry

Made for the whole team

Customer Support

Increase customer satisfaction by closing support conversations 2x faster.

Bugpilot integrates with your help desk and helps you understand users without asking them a single question.

Instantly distinguish actual bugs from network failures, ad-blockers, and UX problems.


Chasing colleagues and users to get console logs or trying to convince them to “try again” doesn't seem really fun, right?

Forget about all of this. Every Bugpilot reports coming with console logs, network requests, storage snapshot, and readable error traces.

Product People

Are you sure you know about all the UX problems your product may have?

Bugpilot highlights problematic sessions so you can review them and fix potential disruptions that can affect your revenue.

Tired of wasting time resolving bugs?

How does it work

1. Install our tracking code

All you need to do is add a tiny bit of code to your app and you're good to go! Just copy and paste the script into your HTML code before the closing body tag and you're set.

It takes less than 5 minutes!

2. Connect your helpdesk

Have for each user conversation in your helpdesk. Additionally, you can get screen recordings and screenshots with one click.

Troubleshoot and reproduce with ease.

3. Enjoy!

That's it! With Bugpilot, you will always have all bug details in one place, ready to be pushed to your favourite tools!