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Bug reporting tool for SaaS

Find and fix bugs in minutes

Make it easy for users to report issues. Get detailed bug reports. Find hidden bugs. Integrate with your help desk.

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Here are the 5 reasons why 540+ product people, developers, and support agents choose Bugpilot

Get bug reports with tech details

Bugpilot automatically collects screen recordings, frontend errors, failed network requests, and transforms them into bug reports.

  • No more missing bug details

  • Integration with your helpdesk

  • Client-side issues recording

Replaces: Loom, Google Meet, Zoom

Make it easy for users to report bugs

Add Bugpilot's reporting widget to your web application or integrate it with your chatbot.

  • Capture your users' screen

  • Receive annotated screenshots and video recordings

  • Automatically get tech details from non-technical users

Replaces: bug reporting forms and 15 questions from your customer support

Detect hidden bugs

Users don't report 96% of bugs. Bugpilot notifies you about potential frontend and UX issues.

  • Eliminate manual bug-hunting

  • Automatically collect session recordings

  • Get the list of prioritized bugs

Replaces: Hotjar

Replay any issue

What did your user experience before, and after they faced a problem? Re-watch sessions, and find the root cause.

  • Watch problematic sessions

  • Reproduce issues with ease

  • Find root cause

Replaces: Hotjar

Integrate with your tools

Missing details, tab switching, and manual ticket creation are things of the past. Bring all your tools together to fix bugs 2x faster.

  • Assisted troubleshooting for each conversation

  • See session recordings in your help desk

  • All details in one place

  • Receive Bugpilot reports in Slack, Jira, Notion, and 100+ other apps

  • Automate your bug-reporting flow

What customers say

Save 20+ hours per month

Without Bugpilot

Spending hours per week collecting bug details, troubleshooting, creating bug tickets, dealing with missing details, reproducing issues, and finding the root cause.

  • Ask 5-10 questions to understand what happened

  • Missing logs, network requests, and other tech details

  • Difficulties reproducing issues

  • Back-and-forth with users and colleagues

  • Manually write bug tickets

  • Troubleshoot via video calls with users


(at an avg. Hourly Rate $43, PayScale 2023)

With Bugpilot

Everything your SaaS needs to find and fix bugs + UX issues.

  • Users report detailed bug reports

  • Have all info for each bug

  • Automatically highlighted coding, network, and UX issues

  • AI-assisted troubleshooting

  • See your users' screens in real time

  • Replay problematic sessions

  • Detect hidden bugs

  • Help desk integrations

  • Receive Bugpilot reports in your favourite tools

from $14/mo

Fix bugs 2x faster

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