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Get alerted about
critical bugs

LogRocket is bothering you with every little issue. Bugpilot alerts you about the most critical user-facing bugs you really need to fix.

Get started in 3 min.

Less notifications, less noise

With Bugpilot you only deal with bugs that need your attention.

Detect more than code errors

Whether it's a broken button, a network problem, or an UX issue caused by an old browser version, Bugpilot will detect it and, if it's important, will let you know.

  • Get alerted about critical rage clicks, frontend errors, and problematic user patterns (with almost no false positives)

  • Avoid notification fatigue by dealing only with critical events

  • Have all information to understand what happened and fix right away, without asking questions

Uncover buggy sessions with Bugpilot.

Make it easy for your users to report bugs

Some users are willing to sacrifice their time and report issues to you. Make it super easy for them!

  • Get screen recording without installing additional tools

  • Automatically collect tech details from non-technical users

  • Use our no-code widget or create your own bug reporting flow

  • Available in 8+ languages: 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇧🇷 🇺🇦

Make it easy for users to report bugs with Bugpilot.

Unlimited bugs + Everything included

We don't limit features nor bugs. You get all the tools to deal with any bug that comes your way.

Detailed Bug Reports

Costs less than
1 hour of work

No hidden costs. We offer fixed price or pay-as-you-grow.

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What customers say

Less questions
= more bugs fixed

Eliminate screenshots, customer calls, back-and-forth, manual copy-pasting between tools, and interruptions from colleagues. Bugpilot has everything you need to fix bugs without asking questions.

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Bugpilot is a tool that automatically detects bugs, collects all bug-related information, and instantly troubleshoots it for you.

Here are the main benefits of Bugpilot:
1. Simplify bug reporting for users - Receive all technical details, even from the most non-tech-savvy users.
2. Discover hidden bugs - Bugpilot automatically checks for frontend errors, failed network requests, rage clicks, and more.
3. Have all details in one place - Access screen recordings, logs, network information, and more. Eliminate the need to manually create bug tickets.

Bugpilot helps SaaS teams detect, understand, and fix user-facing bugs. With Bugpilot, developers and customer support agents will no longer have to spend hours collecting bug details, reproducing issues, and creating bug tickets manually.

To begin using Bugpilot, create an account and add our tracking code to your web app. This process is similar to adding codes for other tools, like analytics or a help desk widget. It's best to ask a developer to handle this step.

👉 Our team is available anytime and more than happy to help you with the setup process.

Bugpilot smoothly integrates into your workflow. From the dashboard, you can choose where to receive Bugpilot reports by connecting it to Slack, Jira, Notion, ClickUp, and 100+ other apps. Additionally, you can link Bugpilot to helpdesk apps like Crisp, Zendesk, Intercom, HelpScout, and more, providing your support team with all the necessary details to resolve support requests quickly.

👉 For more information, check out our integrations page.

Yes! By default, we do not collect, store, or otherwise process any of your end-users PII, however, you may decide to submit some of the user information to our service for improved performance. In such cases, Bugpilot acts as a Data Processor on behalf of you, the Data Controller. If GDPR applies to you, you may also be required to read and accept our Data Processing Addendum. You can find it in the Settings section of your Bugpilot dashboard. Our data centers are located in the EU.

Streamlined bug-resolution

No more back-and-forth


Get notified when critical user-facing bugs happen and have all details automatically collected. Debug without asking questions.

Customer Support

Avoid asking users for screenshots or logs. Everything you need to help your users is already inside your Bugpilot report.


Keep an eye on tricky user sessions and pinpoint poor user experiences. Skip the hassle of manual bug creation.

Ready to ditch LogRocket?

Get automatically triaged bugs. Let power-user report issues.