Let's get rid of bugs!

Modern SaaS teams use Bugpilot's AI-powered bug resolution platform to understand, prioritize, and fix user-facing bugs.

Best 3 Jira Alternatives for Agile Project Management

Explore the top 3 Jira alternatives that offer robust project management features, and find the best fit for your team's needs and preferences.

How to: effective QA software testing

QA software testing is an essential part of software development. You have to make sure your product is up to par in terms of quality, and QA testing helps bring to light any errors or faults that need fixing.

Best issue-tracking software for improving customer service and bug resolution

When managing a SaaS platform, you’re bound to encounter bugs at some point. Users may encounter faulty buttons or error pages, so it’s important to keep an eye on your software’s performance.

Best FullStory alternatives and competitors for user activity monitoring

Every business aims to please its customers, but that’s difficult if you’re unsure of what they want. That’s why user activity monitoring tools like FullStory can come in handy.

Best Intercom integrations for elevating your customer satisfaction

A big part of keeping your users satisfied is great customer service. This involves communicating with users and helping them resolve any issues they encounter. As your business grows, so does your number of customers, which can make handling all their requests very difficult.

Best Session Replay Software (2023)

Whether you’re a developer, a product manager, or work in support, understanding the nature of bugs and issues is vital to delivering a seamless user experience and enhancing the useability of your site or app.

Bug Triage: No BS Guide & Best Practices

Bugs are an unfortunate fact of life in the software development game. Software is complex, and complex systems have a tendency to break. But when lots of little breaks are registering all the time, how do you decide which to fix first?

Jira Bug Tracking Actionable Guide & Best Practices

Jira is a project management tool that enables agile teams to develop software more efficiently. With it, teams can plan projects, track their development, and yes, even track bugs.

Best Bug Tracking Software for Every Use in 2023

Businesses and developers are recognizing the many, many benefits that a reliable, comprehensive bug tracking tool can bring—in the form of cost savings, workload reduction, and improved UX.

Top 8 LogRocket Alternatives In 2023

If you’re a SaaS company looking for a bug monitoring tool, it’s likely that you’ve heard of LogRocket. But it’s not the only tool on the market, and it might not have the functionalities (or pricing) to fit every business.

8 Best Sentry Alternatives in 2023

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the 6 best Sentry alternatives in 2023. Let’s dive in.

6 Best Hotjar Alternatives in 2023

In recent years, several alternatives to Hotjar with great features, analytics, and capabilities have sprung up. In this ultimate guide, Bugpilot takes a deep dive into the top 6 Hotjar alternatives. Let's get started.

Bug report template examples & how to create your own bug report

Bug reports are a major aspect of software maintenance — engineers need to know what the actual bugs are in order to fix them. The best bug reports are those that include all the necessary details, such as steps for recreating the bugs and relevant screenshots.

Bug severity: how to manage bugs more efficiently in 2023

The 3 hidden truths about bugs that are costing your SaaS business time and money

How are bugs causing your SaaS business to lose money and customers?

Alpha And Beta Testing: Key Differences, Use Cases and How to Use Them For a Successful Software Launch

Internal teams perform alpha and beta tests before software is released in the real world. During these phases, QA teams and real users test apps to uncover as many bugs as possible, determine what users think, and measure how well the product meets requirements.

Error Monitoring Software - What’s Best for Your Company?

First impressions count. And, that’s why you want to aim for an error-free experience every time your users open up your software. Front-end software errors or bugs, however, are unavoidable – it’s the nature of technology. That’s why your team’s process to quickly catch and fix them is so important.

Bug Life Cycle - How to Improve Software Testing in 2023

Software testing is an important part of the development process and bug life cycles are an essential part of this. Different stages are involved depending on the type of bug, and SaaS companies in particular must be prepared to deal with them. Automating part of the process with tools like Bugpilot can help improve efficiency and ensure bugs are fixed before they disrupt the customer experience.

Uncover the Top 5 Bugs Haunting Your SaaS Business

Discover the top 5 types of bugs affecting your SaaS business. Get ready to uncover the hidden bugs haunting your success!

How to Get Comprehensive Bug Reports to Address User-Facing Bugs Quickly

Why having a Bug Reporting process is critical

User-facing bugs: examples and possible solutions

Common types User-Facing Bugs and the best way to address them

96% of Users do not report bugs - they just leave

Most users do not report bugs and just leave your product, instead

Can AI automatically generate detailed technical Bug Reports?

Discussing AI-generated bug reports