Top 8 LogRocket Alternatives In 2023

If you’re a SaaS company looking for a bug monitoring tool, it’s likely that you’ve heard of LogRocket. But it’s not the only tool on the market, and it might not have the functionalities (or pricing) to fit every business.

Top 8 LogRocket Alternatives In 2023
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If you’re a SaaS company looking for a bug monitoring tool, it’s likely that you’ve heard of LogRocket. Since its foundation in 2015, it's become an increasingly popular tool, used by some of the world's biggest websites and software. But it’s not the only tool on the market, and it might not have the functionalities (or pricing) to fit every business.
That’s why we’ve put this article together. Below, we’ll go through 8 alternatives to LogRocket (including Bugpilot) and walk you through their most important features, so you can make the best choice for your business. Let’s get started.

What Is LogRocket?

LogRocket is an error monitoring software designed to help software teams debug and troubleshoot web and mobile applications. It blends session replays, error monitoring, and product analytics so product and development teams can enhance the user experience of their app.
Key Features:
  • Session Replay: Gain valuable insights into your user experience across your web and mobile apps by retrieving a visual representation of the user’s session.
  • Frontend Performance Monitoring: Track page load times, CPU/memory usage, browser caches, and more to improve conversion rates and engagements.
  • Product Analytics: Track vital metrics to evaluate product performance.
  • Error Tracking and Issue Management: Grasp major issues affecting your users by keeping tabs on JavaScript errors, network disruptions, etc.
LogRocket offers four pricing models, ranging from a free plan to an enterprise package. The free and team packages provide the same LogRocket key features and privacy controls.
But the free plan is limited to 1,000 sessions per month, while Team ($99/month) offers between 10K and 50K sessions monthly. You can get more sessions and advanced features with the Professional ($460/month) and Enterprise plans.
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Why Look for Alternatives?

Unintuitive UI

LogRocket’s user interface could use some work, as it’s a common complaint amongst the platform’s users. Users mostly comment on the slow loading times and difficulty finding specific information. This can be especially frustrating if you’re looking to find and resolve issues quickly.

Poor Data Visualization

LogRocket provides you with relevant product analytics to help you make informed decisions. But the tool can’t produce attractive and meaningful data visualizations for users. So you may find it hard to make sense of the analytics while managing bugs.

No Live Chat Support

LogRocket doesn’t offer live chat support for customers. It means users can’t get immediate responses to questions and queries, which creates more problems when they experience tech issues with the tool.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing Logrocket Alternatives

So what should you consider when choosing alternatives to LogRocket? Here are four factors that can help you find the ideal product to achieve your goals:
  1. Pricing: Consider a vendor that offers a flexible pricing package that aligns with your budget and needs. Check if there’s a free trial to try out the software.
  1. Features and integrations: Be sure to check whether the alternative integrates with the tools you use and has the necessary features. For instance, a product like Bugpilot is the best choice if you want a platform that integrates with Jira.
  1. Customization: You may also want a tool with customization to meet your specific needs. Consider a platform that provides custom events and attributes to let you personalize your preferences.
  1. Privacy and security: A suitable alternative platform should have a clear policy about data privacy and security. It must be transparent about its data collection practices.

8 Best LogRocket Alternatives

With so many alternatives to LogRocket out there, it could be confusing to select the perfect product for your software needs. Here’s a detailed list of the 8 alternatives to LogRocket based on their features, functions, and more. Let’s get into it.
  1. Bugpilot: Best Bug Reporting Tool For Saas
  1. LiveSession: Best Analytics & Session Replays Software
  1. Jira: Best Issue & Project Tracking Software
  1. Smartlook: Best Product Analytics & Visual User Insights Software
  1. Userback: Best Visual User Feedback Platform
  1. Mouseflow: Best Behavior Analytics for Optimal Website UX
  1. YouTrack: Best Project Management for All Teams
  1. FullStory: Best Web-Based Digital Intelligence Platform

#1: Bugpilot - Best Bug Reporting Tool For Saas

Bugpilot is an intelligent SaaS platform that helps you deal with user-facing bugs easily. There’s nothing that can dampen user experience more than a bug, so Bugpilot helps automate part of the bug-fixing process, allowing your product and development teams to deal with them much sooner.
What’s more, you can also integrate the application with your favorite tools like Jira, Zendesk, Trello, and more.
Key Features:
  • Autopilot: Automatically detect and fix bugs, create bug reports, and share them with your team, saving countless hours.
  • Integrations: Fix your bugs faster by bringing your best tools, such as Jira, Norton, etc. into one place.
  • Team collaboration: Double productivity and efficiency by collaborating with product teams, developers, and customer support.
Bugpilot has a budget-friendly pricing plan starting at $14/month/3 users. It comes with a good range of features, like the bug reporting widget, Sentry and GitHub integrations, help desk integrations, and much more.
For more advanced features, you can opt for the Team plan ($49 month/ 5 members) or the Enterprise package ($499/ month/unlimited users). Each plan has a 14-day free trial, so why not start with the basic plan to see what Bugpilot can do for your SaaS business?
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  • Bugpilot AI checks for hidden bugs fast
  • End-to-end encryption to secure data
  • Custom integrations with several tools like Jira
  • Priority support to ensure users get all the help they need
  • Relatively new platform

#2: LiveSession - Best Analytics & Session Replay Software

LiveSession is a product analytics software platform that empowers you to evaluate users' behavior, identify bugs, and improve UX. You can use the tool’s session replays to grasp users' activity on your website to improve their experience and double your conversion rates.
Key Features
  • Engagement score: Save time by watching sessions with the most user activity.
  • User journey: Improve your sales funnel by viewing the user’s journey as they interact with your website.
  • Mobile device analysis: Collect and analyze insights about your website visitors.
LiveSession offers four pricing models, with the Free plan limited to 1000 sessions, including heatmaps, etc. More advanced features are available with the Basic plan ($65/month/ 5000 sessions) and the Pro package ($99/month/10 000 sessions). You have to contact the vendor if you want the enterprise solution.
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  • Great user interface and easy-to-use
  • Secure data and strict privacy settings
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Limited technical documentation

#3: Jira - Best Issue & Project Tracking Software

If you’re looking for nifty project tracking software for agile teams, Jira is your best bet. As a software development tool, it encourages product teams to collaborate via chat, email, and a mobile app. You can organize your team’s tasks and issues and prioritize them to zero in on the most important activities.
As a result, your team can triple its productivity by spending more time developing exceptional applications.
Key Features
  • Team Collaboration: Double productivity and efficiency via the app’s collaboration tools.
  • Bug Reporting: Analyze and share user and team reports and comments to drive growth.
  • Kanboard: Visualize tasks to see your and your team's progress.
You can kick off your project with a Free plan that is limited to 10 users per month. Advanced packages include the Standard ($77.50/month), the Premium ($152.25/month), and the Enterprise plan (pricing upon request).
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  • User-friendly interface which is easy to navigate
  • High-quality support on standby
  • Understandable bug reports
  • Limited number of integrations

#4: Smartlook: Best Product Analytics and Visual User Insights Software

Smartlook is a software platform that provides qualitative and quantitative analytics about users' interactions with your website. You can understand why users aren’t using specific features through visitor recordings and heatmaps. Its automatic monitoring and conversion funnels show real user behavior to help you resolve their pain points faster.
Key Features
  • Digital Analytics: Get accurate web analytics to grasp your customer’s behavior and make informed decisions.
  • Engagement: Understand customers’ engagement rate in terms of page views, average session length, and amount of scrolling.
  • Conversion Funnel: See the number of users who take a specific action.
Get started with a free plan (3,000 monthly sessions) plus basic product analytics, etc. Or take the Pro plan ($55/month/5,000 sessions) with more advanced product analytics. You can customize your pricing with the Enterprise package, which comes with unlimited users and project add-ons.
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  • Qualitative analytics help teams make better prioritization decisions
  • Easy to set funnel with custom events and URLs
  • Provides useful information on the user’s behavior on a website
  • Application filters may not work
  • Heatmaps may miss vital analytical data

#5: Userback - Best Visual User Feedback Platform

Userback is a bug-tracking and visual feedback application that automates, simplifies, and organizes users’ feedback. Product teams can gather responses from users to monitor and fix issues inside their apps. Use the tool’s in-app videos, annotated screenshots, console logs, and more to understand your data.
Key Features:
  • Feedback and Collaboration Tool: Use the feedback widget to get client responses and make proper adjustments.
  • Integration: Centralize your work and information by integrating the software with several platforms.
  • Screen annotation: Get more valuable insights into users via their notes and scribbles on video and screen grabs.
Take advantage of the tool’s three pricing policies. Start with the Startup plan ($59/month/10 users) or choose the Company plan ($119/month/15 users). The Premium package ($217/month/25 users) has more advanced features, like developer tools.
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  • Comprehensive feedback from clients
  • Easy-to-use features like annotation, video recordings, etc.
  • Works well with WordPress sites and is easy to install
  • Github integration may not work perfectly

#6: Mouseflow - Best Behavior Analytics for Optimal Website UX

Mouseflow is a platform that provides meaningful analytics about users' behavior to help optimize website experiences. Product managers, UX specialists, digital marketers, SMEs, and large organizations can use the app to triple conversion rates.
Key Features:
  • Conversion Funnel: Build customized funnels to understand where and why users drop.
  • Reporting Analytics: Use data to ace your lead generation and roll out feedback campaigns to solve your customers’ concerns.
  • Session Replay: Grasp your visitors’ issues by watching their sessions.
Mouseflow has six pricing packages, and the free plan offers 500 recordings monthly. Other pricing models include:
  • Starter ($31/month/5,000 recordings),
  • Growth ($109/month/15,000 recordings) ,
  • Business ($219/month/50,000 recordings) ,
  • Pro ($399/month/150,000 recordings) plus more advanced features.
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  • Live videos enable teams to watch users’ journeys on websites
  • Relevant metrics such as page views
  • Easy to set up heatmaps
  • Free version has limited features
  • Lacks mobile optimization

#7: YouTrack - Best Project Management for All Teams

YouTrack is a great project management application for agile teams to help them manage their projects effortlessly from start to finish. You can use the tool’s features, like agile boards, Gantt charts, time tracking, etc., to deliver sought-after products. It also improves your productivity by creating workflows, planning sprints and releases, and keeping your customers up to date.
Key Features:
  • Collaboration Tools: Enhance communication among team members via emails, Slack, and in-app Notification Center.
  • Task management: Monitor and manage projects of any size with ease.
  • Workflows: Take advantage of automation to simplify processes and reduce staff workload.
YouTrack has two plans, including a free plan for small teams with between 1 and 10 users. You can also customize your pricing package according to the number of users. For example, 11 users would cost $44,40 on a monthly subscription.
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  • Excellent task management support
  • Easy to assign tasks to team members
  • Useful and complete workflow functionality
  • Poor and confusing UI
  • May have bugs and glitches which affect project execution

#8: FullStory - Best Web-Based Digital Intelligence Platform

FullStory is a capable web-based platform that enables you to improve the customer experience. It helps you know your clients inside out by tracking their activity as they engage with your website. The tool automatically records page views and clicks to help you see your users’ engagement.
Key Features
  • Engagement: Keep tabs on your users’ behavior by tracking page views per session, scrolling, average session length, and more.
  • Dashboard: View your analytics at a glance to get the full picture of your users.
  • Standard Even Tracking: Get all the relevant information regarding users’ standard actions.
FullStory needs you to request a demo to get full pricing details on its four packages, including Enterprise, Advanced, and Business.
  • Click maps show where customers concentrate page by page
  • Session playback provides more details on users’ behavior
  • Valuable insights into customers through data analysis
  • Session images and icons don’t show customer sentiment
  • Not easy to set segments

Harness the Power of the Best Alternative to LogRocket

Want a LogRocket alternative to detect and fix bugs faster and double the user experience? Bugpilot is a great platform for your SaaS business to automate the entire bug resolution process. No more manual tasks and bug hunting. Give it a try today by starting a 14-day free trial without hassle.

Get automatic notifications when coding errors occur, failed network requests happen, or users rage-click. Bugpilot provides you with user session replay and all the technical info needed to reproduce and fix bugs quickly.

Never Miss a Bug Again!

Start a free trial today

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