8 Best Sentry Alternatives in 2023

8 Best Sentry Alternatives in 2023
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David Cramer and Chris Jennings are Sentry’s co-founders. They started the company to build an application that can detect and resolve bug errors faster. In 2012, Sentry launched its software and error monitoring tool. Today, it has millions of users worldwide, including developers and organizations.
While incredibly popular, Sentry isn’t the only error and performance monitoring platform on the SaaS market. It’s also possible to track errors with other error-tracking solutions, such as Bugpilot. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the 6 best Sentry alternatives in 2023. Let’s dive in.

What is Sentry?

Sentry is a cloud-based error-tracking platform that enables software engineers to monitor and fix crashes in real time. It’s an open-source application that supports over 30 coding languages to help you diagnose, fix, and optimize your code's performance. Its web dashboard provides data on errors or exceptions (device info, etc.) that users experience while using your application.
The tool has four pricing models, as shown below:
  • Free plan offers limited error and performance monitoring and comes with support for all languages, Github issues, and release tracking features.
  • Team ($26/month) is for core error and performance tracking and offers unlimited members, third-party integrations, and metric alerts.
  • Business ($80/month) is for standardized error and performance tracking with insights powered by Discover. Other features include advanced analytics, SAML support, etc.
  • Enterprise is for full platform monitoring.
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Why look for Alternatives?

Sentry is one of the most popular error and performance monitoring tools for developers. But several users say the application needs improvement in some areas. Here are some examples:
  • The UI is a bit complicated and overwhelming, so it takes time to learn it. Error and performance monitoring shouldn’t be a headache because of a user-unfriendly interface. And that’s why some customers look to alternatives, like Bugpilot that are easy to use.
  • Users may not get detailed reports on stack traces and debug for languages not supported by Python.
  • While the tool has error-tracking features, users feel that it gives limited information on some errors. As a result, it’s a challenge to make the correct diagnosis of these issues and to fix them.

What to Consider When Choosing a Sentry Alternative

To make the most of error and performance monitoring software, here are a couple of factors you must consider.

Crash Recordings

Look for an application that provides crash recordings that automatically detect and record crashed sessions. Crash recording tools reproduce the whole process leading up to a crash, so you can identify the root problem and fix it. It helps you deal with issues faster, as you’ll have an easier time figuring out what situation led to a crash..

Crash Alerts

An error and performance monitoring tool must also integrate with instant messaging platforms, such as SMS, email, and Slack. It ensures you receive crash alerts as soon as they happen and enables you to attend to them promptly. Speed is vital in dealing with mobile app issues as you want to deal with them quickly before they seriously impact user experience..


Be sure to choose an error and performance monitoring platform that integrates with popular applications, like Slack, Jira, Notion, Trello, Zendesk, etc.  It becomes easy to access data on bug reports from those tools and resolve customers' issues within minutes.


Before you invest in an error and performance monitoring application, consider whether it offers a flexible pricing model. It must give you a range of pricing plans with specific features, including a free trial to test the software.

6 Best Sentry Alternatives

For the TLDR skimmers, we’ve listed the 6 best Sentry alternatives below:
  • Bugpilot: Best Bug Reporting Tool For Saas
  • Logtail: Best Modern ClickHouse-Based Log Management
  • AppDynamics: Best Cloud Monitoring Platform
  • Instabug: Best Performance Monitoring Tool
  • Raygun: Best Monitoring For Web & Mobile Apps
  • Dynatrace: Best AI-Powered Monitoring Tool

#1: Bugpilot - Best Bug Reporting Tool For SaaS Businesses

If you’re looking for a Sentry alternative, choose Bugpilot. With this error and performance monitoring software, you can get valuable insights into bugs, understand them, and fix them promptly. It has features that give you detailed bug reports, so you can make the correct diagnosis.
You can integrate Bugpilot with your favorite tools, such as Notion, Intercom, Jira, Trella, and Zendesk, to centralize your information.
Key Features
  • Autopilot: Stop manual bug hunting and let the autopilot tool do the hunting for you. Dig deeper into your customers’ issues via automated session recordings.
  • Reporting Analytics: Get instant and detailed bug reports to understand and fix issues at lightning speed.
  • Integrations: Connect with your favorite tools, like Slack, Notion, Zendesk, Intercom, Jira, etc., to fix your bugs faster.
Bugpilot has a flexible pricing package and a 14-day free trial so you can see if the tool is for you, before you commit yourself. Choose from the following plans to get started with Bugpilot:
  • Small plan ($14/month/3 users) offers bug reporting widgets, Sentry and GitHub integration, 8+ help desk integrations, basic bug AI tools, etc.
  • Team ($49/month/5 users) and priority support, 10+ AI checks, REST API, etc.
  • Enterprise ($499/month/unlimited users) and includes end-to-end encryption, custom integrations, and more.
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  • Detailed bug reports
  • Session recording
  • Bug reporting widget
  • Custom integrations
  • End-to-end encryption
  • It's a new platform

#2: Logtail - Best Modern ClickHouse-Based Log Management

Logtail is a log management application that allows organizations to collect, sort,  and store log data and event logs. Managers and administrators can use this platform to identify, troubleshoot, and fix IT issues. Its analytics dashboard provides information on user activity, traffic, and network usage.
Key Features
  • Built-in collaboration: Archive vital log data, comment, and share logs with teams.
  • SQL-Compatible: Write a SQL query to analyze your logs.
  • Charts and dashboards: Build dashboards and share insights with coworkers.
  • Free plan comes with 1G per month storage, 5 data sources, 3-day retention, etc.
  • Freelancer ($24/month/user) offers 30G/month, 15-day retention, and 10 data sources.
  • Small Team ( $80/month/5 users) plus 80G/month, 30-day retention, 50 data sources, and more.
  • Business ($160/month/unlimited users) and 150G/month, 30-day retention, and unlimited data sources.
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  • Easy-to-use interface with SQL queries
  • Integrates with any language and platform
  • Fast as users can log in seconds
  • Needs configuration when using custom application log files

#3: AppDynamics - Best Cloud Monitoring Platform

AppDynamics is an application performance management product that lets you track, automate, and evaluate your application infrastructure. It gives you code-level visibility and supports technologies such as PHP, Java, etc.
Key Features
  • System integration: Integrate AppDynamics with your favorite software.
  • Alerting: Get automated alerts to resolve issues at rapid speed.
  • Dashboards and visualization: Get quick insights via the pre-built and custom reporting dashboard.
You have a range of pricing options to choose from. See the examples below.
  • Infrastructure monitoring edition ($6/month/CPU core) plus infrastructure monitoring.
  • Premium edition ($60/month/CPU Core) and application performance monitoring, etc.
  • Enterprise edition (90/month/CPU Core) plus database monitoring and more.
  • Enterprise edition for SAP solutions ($167/month/CPU Core) and includes business performance monitoring, etc.
  • Real user monitoring ($.06/month/1000 tokens) only.
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  • Comprehensive reports on app performance
  • Supports many platforms
  • Simple user interface
  • A bit complex for new users
  • Limited support for other programming languages

#4: Instabug - Best Performance Monitoring Tool

Instabug is a bug-tracking and app performance-monitoring application with in-app chats for mobile software. You can also get reports on user engagement and crashes through screen recordings and screenshots. In addition, you can use customizable software developer kits (SDKs) to set up the platform. SDKs refer to application development tools in a single installable package.
Key Features
  • User Reports and Feedback: Get quick bug reports via in-app feedback.
  • Analytics: Access insightful details about bug and crash scenarios.
  • Timely Alerts: Share prompt notifications about crashes with coworkers.
Get started with Instabug with the following prices:
  • Free plan includes 15K sessions.
  • Standard ($100/month/25K sessions) and integrations, real-time alerts, and team collaborations.
  • Premium is available upon request.
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  • 24/7 customer support
  • Integrates with many tools
  • Provides relevant crash analytics
  • Steep learning curve
  • UI needs some improvement

#5: Raygun - Best For Monitoring E-Commerce Apps

If you’re looking for a web and mobile application monitoring tool for your E-commerce storefront, Raygun can meet your needs. It’s a bug-tracking and cloud-based networking monitoring platform that helps you detect and fix issues faster to make your customers happy.
Key Features
  • Application Performance Monitoring: Get detailed insights into your server-side performance to understand the root cause of issues at lightning speed.
  • Deployment tracking: Track every deployment in real-time and discover errors before you deliver your app to customers.
  • Core Web Vitals: Monitor and improve core web vitals directly in Raygun.
Raygun provides a wide selection of prices. See them below.
  • Crash Reporting ($40/month) and unlimited team members, unlimited applications, unlimited custom dashboards, etc.
  • Real User Monitoring ($80/month) plus 60-day data retention, advanced analytics, single sign-on (SSO), and more.
  • APM ($80/month) and includes customer experience monitoring, proactive issue creation, email, and chat support, etc.
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  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Detects bugs in real-time
  • Detailed bug reports
  • Error notifications need improvement
  • Exceptions grouping is not efficient

#6: Dynatrace - Best AI-Powered Monitoring Tool

Dynatrace is an AIOps application that enables you to monitor your app development cycle, including automating DevSecOps. It helps you streamline collaboration across your IT teams to deliver quality apps. Its AI-powered features provide quick feedback on users’ issues, so you can resolve them as they occur.
Key Features
  • Mobile App Monitoring: Assess the performance of user engagement with your apps.
  • Real User Monitoring:  Monitor the user experience of your native mobile apps.
  • Server-side Service Monitoring: Keep tabs on web services, custom services, database requests, and web containers.
Here are the different packages:
  • Full Monitoring ($74/month/user) and Includes APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, etc.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring ($22/month) plus 200 Custom Metrics per host for technology data integration, etc.
  • Digital Experience Monitoring ($11/month) and synthetic monitoring for browser click paths, single pages, and APIs.
    • notion image
  • Quick technical support
  • Easily integrates with a range of products
  • Provides in-depth AI-driven analytics
  • Documentation needs some improvement
  • Quite expensive for advanced features

Take Your Error and Performance Monitoring ProcessTo Greater Heights

You have a wide range of Sentry alternatives to choose from since they have relevant features to help you monitor and fix bugs at rapid speed.
Looking to accelerate bug-tracking with detailed automated reports and instant error alerts right in Slack, Jira, or Trello? Bugpliot is your best bet. Its nifty autopilot tool can save you countless hours by helping you resolve bugs in minutes. Sign up for a 14-day free trial to try out the platform.

Get automatic notifications when coding errors occur, failed network requests happen, or users rage-click. Bugpilot provides you with user session replay and all the technical info needed to reproduce and fix bugs quickly.

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