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Bugpilot for Developers

Fix bugs 2x faster

  • Get all tech details to fix a bug

  • Replay user sessions that led to errors

  • Integrate with your tools

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Why Bugpilot?

Here are the 4 reasons why dev teams choose Bugpilot

Get all tech details to reproduce issues

Bugpilot collects screen recordings, UX errors, and failed network requests. You'll receive all the information to replicate bugs.

  • Re-watch session replays that led to errors

  • Get console logs, storage, cookies, browser, device, and more

  • Understand the potential cause with AI troubleshooting

Debug in real time

With Bugpilot Live View, your customers can share their screens in real time. Observe how they interact with your app and resolve issues in minutes.

  • See your users' actions in real time

  • Monitor logs and network requests

  • GDPR-compliant and secure

Detect hidden bugs

Users don't report 96% of bugs. Bugpilot notifies you about potential frontend and UX issues.

  • Eliminate manual bug-hunting

  • Automatically collect session recordings

  • Get the list of prioritized bugs

Create your bug-reporting flow

Integrate with your tools and get bug reports from your customer support team.

  • Have full control with our API and SDK

  • Create your custom bug-reporting button

  • Receive bug reports in Slack, Notion, Jira, and more

Save big with Bugpilot

Without Bugpilot

Spending 10+ hours per week understanding bug reports, reproducing issues, and finding the root cause.

  • Missing bug details

  • You review every crash report

  • Misalignment between product and customer success teams

  • Different tools for support agents and developers


(at an avg. Hourly Rate $43, PayScale 2023)

With Bugpilot

Everything you need to fix bugs.

  • All technical info for each bug

  • Replay only problematic sessions

  • Get notified in your favorite tools

  • AI hints to resolve bugs

  • Custom bug-reporting flow

from $5/month

Fix bugs 2x faster

Setup in 5 minutes. Free 14-day trial.

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